Mini-me:  Blogger, academic, Emma Peel devotee, lifelong grocery shopper, supportive wife of a DIY savant, ever thinking and only occasionally overreactive mother of two young adults, unapologetic enabler of a spoiled dog…
Had enough of labels?  Do feel free to read my blog and craft your very own:http://flatrockcreeknotebook.com

Unabridged version: OK.  Here’s the deal.  I love reading profiles but hate writing them.  They may be the only thing I hate to write since I actually love writing and always have.  When I read profiles on other blogs, they are succinct and seem to capture the very essence of the person or the blog.

My attempts seem void of fascinating descriptors and result in what could be deemed the profile version of Charlie Brown’s teacher.  I’m beginning to think I have no essence to capture.  Dang.

Plus, I seem to be able to produce only essays—at the drop of a hat, I tell you— instead of the brief and pithy posts everyone else appears perfectly capable of creating.  But I guarantee that if you have the patience to slog through a handful of my posts, you will know more about me than you could ever possibly want to know.

And if all of this wasn’t enough, there are almost no photos on my blog—for now.  All of the images on my blog, and there are a ton, are expressed in words.  Perhaps when cameras are implanted in our eyes, I’ll get around to it.  Suffice it to say, I appreciate good photography but am less than artful in its production.

So two things I’d have you note about me: I write posts of essay-length (but, hey, they are thoughtful, at least!) and I cannot be glib.  Wry once in a while, maybe, and sardonic now and again, but never glib.  Even if I had the personality or inclination to be so, my Midwestern sensibilities would shut that down in a heartbeat.   Now scoot along and enjoy some musings on life at Flat Rock Creek!


2 thoughts on “About

    • Richard-
      Thanks for visiting! Actually, I love the blog genre because you can produce anything you like and not be constrained by length or subject matter or style. But given that more people than not perceive this as a visual medium rather than a textual one, I feel the need to issue fair warning. I do plan to explore/experiment more with visual this summer when I’m not as overwhelmed by work responsibilities. I’m eager to learn more about photography and its uses here.

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