Puppy Love

Sure, you can take my pic.

Sure, you can take my pic.

Wonder what’s been keeping me away from blogging and up at night? Introducing…Phoebe, Brittany Spaniel extraordinaire. She is as cute as a bug’s ear and sharp as a tack. After our beloved Duncan passed away last year, I said that I had one more puppy in me but we needed to wait til the warm summer months. That was a genius move on my part given that we had 3 blizzards this winter, each delivering over a foot of snow.

Now, the warm summer months are currently unseasonably cool, for which I am eternally grateful since I spend A LOT of time outside. However, as it turns out, I didn’t have one more puppy in me.  Um, I grossly miscalculated my actual-energy -to-expended-effort ratio. Oops. I discovered that when we got Duncan as a pup 9 years ago I was apparently 20 years younger than I am now. You do the math. Fortunately, I have two amazing kids who have taken on the task of raising her. Whew!

I apologize in advance if this space turns into a dog blog. She’s pretty charismatic already at the tender age of 8 weeks. We are all completely and utterly under her spell.

Seriously, just try not to wither under the spell of my puppy-dog eyes.

Seriously, just try not to wither under the spell of my puppy-dog eyes.


4 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. She is gorgeous. I keep talking about getting a dog. We haven’t had one in many years. I showed Phoebe’s picture to my husband last night, and we ooed and aahed over her. She looks like she will be gentle when she grows up. I can see it in her face. Enjoy.

    • Thanks, Bella. I think you are seeing what I saw when we picked her out of the litter…a gentle spirit at heart. I need that at this point!!! I also demanded a female, knowing she would spread the love and not by a pecking order! Funny, though, how I had selective amnesia about these early days. 😉

  2. My husband and kids can’t believe that I agreed to my very first dog in my life at 56 years old. But I think the trick was being a Grandma first to my grand dog. I fell in love with Charlie the minute I saw him even after he pooped on my side of the rug five minutes after he walked in the house to meet me. Then along came Millie my second grand dog, a loveable Golden Doodle who is now 50 pounds. So when I had the opportunity to bring a Puppy into my life, I jumped at the chance. OREO truly is the Love of my Life! My husband agreed and he thinks it is the best present I could have ever given him. So I truly believe it is PUPPY LOVE.

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