Blizzard of Oz Redux

Flat Rock Creek snowfall

Today brings a well-publicized winter storm, already living up to its hype. This serene view from Flat Rock Creek belies the vehicular chaos reigning on area highways, many of which are now closed down and littered with abandoned cars. Schools, malls, bus routes, and even the airports have closed as the snowfall per hour ramps up.

This has been named Winter Storm “Q” by the Weather Channel because they couldn’t think of an actual name beginning with the letter “Q.” I suggest they root around the archives of early Sesame Street episodes during the next break between storms.

I guess I’m OK with a storm that sounds like the name of a James Bond villain. I am not so enamored of one inspired by the name of the transit line a national weather celebrity back east took to get to work.

Thanks anyway, Weather Channel. I am going to stick with a moniker that resonates in these parts and recycle the one we used two years ago, the last time this kind of storm dropped more than a foot of snow and brought the entire region to a halt: Blizzard of Oz.

It fits and offers just a bit more metaphoric bang for the buck.

Stay safe and warm throughout this storm, my fellow Midwesterners!

(See my daughter wield a mean snow rake below. Oh, yes, there are such things and they really work by pulling snow off your roof to prevent dreaded ice dams.)

Snow Rake 2013


3 thoughts on “Blizzard of Oz Redux

  1. Wow. When a storm in the Midwest has cars abandoned and schools closed I know it must be a doozy. Hope you guys are safe and sound. IIt may snow one day or so a year in the Atlanta area, but not this year. I try not to have to travel for work in the winter since I am a babay about flying and wouldn’t know how to drive if snow were on the ground. I had to go to Idaho a few eeks ago and was so glad my timing for no snowfall was good.
    Thought of your previous post because we just upgraded from the “3” iphone to the “4” for 99 cents and spent an hour on Amazon last night getting new cases. I am treating my phone till the case arrives like a delicate flower.

  2. Yes, this storm was pretty wicked though we lucked out as far as no power outages and some of the other problems that can make life miserable. The issue with this one was how fast it accumulated (3 in per hr) and the utter lack of visibility. Cars were high-centered on the snow! Plows struggled and city buses fishtailed. I was happy to stay in, clean my house, and blog. ; )

  3. I know about snow rakes but only because my sister used to live in New England. It’s hard to imagine living in a place that gets so much snow that you have to rake your roof. How nice that you have a lovely daughter to do the job for you. 🙂 Hope you made it through safely. They called for sleet and freezing rain here this morning, but we only received a little rain. Spring is just around the corner. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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