Hole in My Heart

This dog was all about power naps.

Words fail at the sudden and quite unexpected loss of our beloved 8-year-old Brittany Spaniel yesterday due to a ruptured abdominal tumor. So I give you the eloquence of my teenage daughter instead:

Got into the trash almost everyday? Check. Constantly taking shoes? Check. Jumped the fence? Check. Barked at everyone who walked by? Check. Ate my favorite necklace? Check. The list could go on. Sound familiar? He was a Marley and Me kind of dog…but better. Because he was my dog. He was meant for my family. Love you, high maintenance dog. You will be missed.

Yeah, he was all that and much, much more. Here’s how I know he made it to dog heaven despite his earthly shenanigans: On the way to share the sad news with our college son in another town, I stopped by a Starbucks there to mitigate a crying-induced migraine with caffeine.

Head down, I went to pay and looked up through my tearful stupor only to see the barista’s white plastic nametag emblazoned with black capital letters in bolded block print.

Her name was a British name, that of a Shakespearean heroine, and the very one we had carefully chosen for our female dog who passed away shortly before we got this guy.

Of all the gin joints…


6 thoughts on “Hole in My Heart

  1. How affecting. I am sorry for your loss. It’s awful how soon we lose dogs, especially pure breeds—animals are inbred to begin with to create breeds and certain tendencies, like to cancer, are fixed in some along with virtues. We lost our beloved terrier two years ago from the sudden onset of lymphoma. The experts told us that form of cancer isn’t seen much in my breed but is rampant in Golden retrievers and Rottweilers. My current dog is a mutt!

    Don’t wait too long to get another dog! You and your daughter are obviously dog lovers, and members of that tribe need dogs.

    • You are so right about that, Richard. Interestingly, he was from the same line as our 1st 2 dogs. They lived to be 16 and 17 years old, which is unheard of with Brittanies! We are definitely a dog family and I am sure it won’t be long. I love telling stories about this guy, though. I can tell it is helping me heal.

  2. Spaniels are wonderful dogs and dogs are wonderful animals. They bring so much to our lives. I’m glad you got a sign. Crazy how things like that happen. I’m sorry for your loss.

  3. Thanks, Bella. Just slogging through the waves of grief for now. Of all our dogs, this one wore me out six ways to Sunday most of the time, but I loved him more ferociously than I knew.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Although I don’t have a dog father lost his beloved Morris over a year ago – it was very deeply felt. My condolences.

  5. Thanks, Lisa. Just this week I discovered some nose print smudges quite low on a picture window in the family room. I sometimes thought he was going to crash through it when a squirrel would taunt him while devouring walnuts in the tree that overhangs our deck. Our kids have clamored for a pup, but puppyhood is best reserved for warm weather in this clime, especially if you are the one likely to walk the floorboards with it nestled in your arms in those early months. ; )

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