An Epilogue Of Sorts

If you read my recent post–OK, perhaps it technically could be classified a rant—Latest Trends in Noncompliant Church Garb, and you felt my pain, I want to let you know a lovely dress has been located and purchased so you needn’t stay up any more nights worrying about my daughter’s Confirmation dress plight.

I believe we may have a happy ending, or at the very least, some kind of divine intervention.  Who says God doesn’t hear the plaintive cries of a frantic mother?  After I wrote that post and complained bitterly to my sister who is my daughter’s Confirmation sponsor, she suggested we look at an upscale store well off of our beaten shopping path where some of her friends had had luck in the past.  I had never been inside this store, but my daughter had visited it once with a friend, so she was game to give it a shot.

We walked into the Von Maur store and my daughter instantly spotted a deep turquoise green dress that she really liked with a black belt and two-inch-wide straps.  She gathered in her arms some other potential candidates from the array of tasteful choices she actually had there and took them all into the fitting room.

Her first choice stood out in the mix of styles, though all met the church guidelines, and due to the partial open back, she selected a darling black shrug to cover her bare shoulders.  I was braced to gasp at the price tag but was pleasantly surprised to find that all of these dresses were competitively priced with those in the other department stores we’d searched.  I paid an additional $5.00 to have their in-house seamstress alter the straps to fit perfectly.

While my daughter tried on the dresses, I had an interesting conversation with the college-aged sales associate.  She was dressed stylishly, of course, and had asked for what occasion we had sought this dress.  I explained and she nodded knowingly, acknowledging her own difficulties in searching for her  Confirmation dress some years back.

She also mentioned that this year would prove unusually difficult for such searches as current junior dress styles did not lend themselves to these occasions.  She also noted that she had observed an enormous shift in styles when she was a senior in high school and dresses suddenly became predominantly backless and strapless.  Since then, she said, well…and heaved a sigh.

So relief is mine, that is  until the next need for a dress arises, but I’m grateful now to turn my attention to the less challenging—or so I pray— hunt for black shoes.

PS Thanks for all of your insightful comments on that post.   Always good to know I am not alone in these thoughts.


5 thoughts on “An Epilogue Of Sorts

  1. Having read of your dilemma yesterday, I am so glad you found something. While difficult and time consuming, finding a store that understands and does not overprice gives me some hope that there is a segment of our population that relates. As do the comments left yesterday. I thought my young adult daughter had bad taste in clothing, but maybe she did the best with what was on offer. Sorry for your troubles, but thanks for making me feel better. Hope the shoe shopping goes well.

    • Thanks, Bella. This was a big fat WHEW! And thanks much for the shout-out to the original post on your blog, The Cul-de-sac Chronicles. I believe you touched a nerve with your discussion of the skeletal Victoria’s Secret models.

  2. I’m so very pleased for both you and your daughter, and tickled beyond belief by yet another of those little bloggie coincidences.

    I was born and raised in mid-Iowa, had lots of relatives in the Davenport area and grew up knowing that von Maur was “the” place to shop. My own confirmation dress came from von Maur in Davenport. Later, when I moved to Kansas City for my first job, I shopped von Maur with part of my first paycheck.

    It makes me feel good to know they’re still in business, and meeting needs that other retailers don’t even recognize.

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